Alaska zoo elephant to get treadmill

Alaska zoo elephant to get treadmill Well this was in March 2005 so I reckon Maggie has her treadmill installed by now; it’s not easy being a pudgy pachyderm I guess. It appears that Sid Cannon who is something to do with an Idaho Engineering company has come up with the ideal solution; he has a point as he said if we can put elephant sized rocks on a conveyor it should not be a problem. In the beginning I had thought well it gets a tad cold there so old Maggie would have lumbered into shape; and then I thought oh golly I have a friend who comes from there and if she reads this well I’m history lol. As they do have a summer of course so old Maggie most likely slumbered away through it all; Everyone -- from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to the U.S. Department of Agriculture -- seems to want to weigh in with opinions on trimming Maggie the elephant's waistline. Well no need to panic peoples as Maggie should be getting into shape by the next Northern Summer. From the pictures I have seen of Alaska it looks a beaut place just a tad chilly for me.

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