JUSTICE IN THE NORTHERN TERRITORY As told to Tiger O�Shane. �Did I ever tell you about seeing that murder trial at the Fitzroy Crossing? They pinched a feller there for murder, he was a station cook, and he shot a big Aboriginal. Pulled out a gun and shot him and that was it. So they pinched him, and without going through the whole box and dice, they had the trial on the Sunday at the Fitzroy Crossing Pub; It was only a shanty really. Anyway they found him guilty; there were seven on the jury, and after seeing the proceedings I wouldn�t have been too surprised to see them throw a rope over one of the gums down by the river, but they didn�t. They fined him; guilty stone dead of murder, and they fined him a bottle of Whisky for each person there!� I said to the publican� Does this go in the records?� and he said �anything goes here�. This was years ago. I wrote a piece to the Local paper about it; they sent it back. They said it was an amazing story, and no doubt it was true, but the couldn�t possibly print it

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