A visit from the stars yes or no

Have we been visited? Have extra-terrestrials influenced our history? If you look at mythology, it appears we have been visited! Almost all mythologies (Christian mythology included) mentions some sort of flying gods. There has to be a spark of truth in this surely to God and don't laugh at that statement as it could well be true. This guy believes it and I confess I am not trying hard to disbelieve as there is so much evidence on our earth and in all countries. And then of course why did the American government deny such things existed or indeed were possible when they must have spent vast amounts of Public monies on this research. From where did the extra-terrestrials come? According to the Zecharia Sitchin, they came from a twelfth planet with in our solar system. He points to the importance put on the number twelve through out history. There were twelve high Sumer gods, and twelve gods of Mount Olympus. In the Bible, Joseph compares himself and his brothers to twelve celestial bodies. We have twelve months of the year, and some of our math systems continue to follow the Sumerian use of the numbers 60 and 12. (Doesn't it seem strange that we have 60 minutes in an hour, and not a hundred? Or that our day is 24 hours, not 20?) Well of course it could well be coincidence but that is a word that I myself have never believed in; also the language of the Sumerians is different than any other earth language; most strange I thought. If extra-terrestrials came from planets in other solar systems, than it would be unlikely that they could travel back and forth as easily as they are reported too. The idea that they came from a yet unknown planet in our own solar system makes more sense. Could ancient myths speak of extra-terrestrials? From what I read, I see that there is such a possibility. Why should Earth be the only planet with life; One has to form their own opinion, but I formed mine years ago.

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