Beazley promises free TAFE in new policy push

Millions of dollars in TAFE fees would in effect be scrapped for tens of thousands of apprentices if Labor wins federal office, as it vows to tackle the skills crisis. It would pay $800 a year into special bank accounts for apprentices to cover their TAFE fees and other expenses such as books and equipment. For those not familiar with the term TAFE means Technical and further education. The thing is Kim where is this money coming from? And another thing why don’t our children stay at school? Maybe that ought to be addressed first before throwing away millions of dollars like it was thrown away at skill share and all those other lurks and gimmicks that were frittered away in the past. Yes ok I agree the Howard government should try to fix up this problem and have not; still consider this; all these educational problems first reared its head I would say when the Whitlam mob took over; indeed they have never been fixed not even in a temporary manner either. The reason the Howard government has increased skilled migration should be obvious to an utter idiot. We have none of our own for the simple reason that successive Australian labor Governments did not bother to educate our children as we were too busy giving hand outs to social welfare in all the wrong areas. I notice that the Brits did it with their new labour party and Blair and it worked; well up to a point and now of course they are plagued with refugees; something we are trying to avoid; if you got into office we would be plagued with them. Wake up Mr Beazley the average Australian cares little for you or Howard; one wonders who is the lesser of the two evils. Ready to listen to solutions not really just a tax cut keeps the average worker happy. Now here is something that would win you votes for sure cut the massive salaries you are given by the duly elected government of the day. I might consider voting for you then myself. So when are we going to hear about the rest of these so called policies of your’s? SOON I hope. I for one am not holding my breath. Still how about Big Kev for Prime Minister

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