Something I should not have done and I now deeply regret

I was getting a lot of spam mail from various folk all over the world and it finally clicked that it was from this mob not the smiling lady pictured I got her from a site specialising in images ok; By golly she looks happy doesn't she?. So at first I simply deleted my profile on there; I don't have the time to be frank to do a lot of it as I have another and much better interest as you can maybe see; this is not to say I don't have my friends as I do I just don't really want more. So ok here's how it goes I see you smirking and yes it is my own silly fault lol. Right first up I tried to delete my profile only to find to my horror my e-mail address although ticked not for view obviously was as the mails kept on a coming but. I ranted and raved all to no avail it stayed on there. I wrote them cranky letters all sorts so then I thought Aha and I changed it to a lady of 80 years, I had 15 e-mails straight away; but thankfully only one came to my personal e-mail which I had marked private if you are an avid reader and can recall that. I have just been back yep you got it 5 more and I am a deleted person. so my trick did not work although I did have a nice letter from a young guy in The USA I guess who saw through my ruse and had a chuckle he said; we now write. I have learnt my lesson well by all this but I thought youse would all get a smile out of it as even I did in the end.

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