Saddam trial falls into chaos

THE troubled trial of Saddam Hussein collapsed into chaos moments after resuming today as the former Iraqi president and his defence team stormed out and guards dragged his half-brother from the courtroom. I was always under the impression that a court belongs to the Judge any transgressions are usually in Australia at least dealt with by contempt and the person making them serves his allotted time or apologises to the court; when it involves the actual defendant well I just don’t know. Saddam's lawyers threatened to boycott future sessions unless the chief judge apologised, and called for the trial to be moved abroad, saying a fair hearing in Iraq was impossible. why the devil the Judge should apologise to a defendant especially one who is charged with horrific crimes is all beyond me I'm afraid. But after reading and seeing this charade I am now thinking well why was he not at Guantanamo Bay when he was found like all the rest and treated just like the rest of the unfortunates in there; Think about this his trial is at least being held which is more than can be said about the rest of them in camp X-Ray. Still being as he is in Iraq let him go before a war crimes tribunal as was done in the world wars we have gone through prior to this; this business of letting him be judged by his fellow citizens to me is all wrong; one only has to look at the Joker on trial from Bosnia or Kovosco or wherever; look at the farce being enacted there in the Hague.

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