Black president aims at parliament

January 29, 2006 WARREN Mundine, Australia's first ever indigenous political party president, sees himself as a Labor MP when his term is over. Mr Mundine, yesterday made president of the federal Labor Party, said he had never hidden the fact that he wanted to get elected. "I am very strong about designing policy. To do that you have go to be in the parliament wing," he said on Sky News. "You have also got to be in government. I want to work towards that as president. That is my main focus. There is no hiding the fact that I would like to be in the parliament." But the more pressing job is to get Opposition Leader Kim Beazley in and Prime Minister John Howard out, he said. Mr Mundine is correct on one point at least GET RID OF HOWARD. the snag is that whilst on preferences the Australian Labor Party had more votes under our (idiotic system to my thinking at least) Kim does not present a good image to the Australian public. reports all say that the Tampa disaster cooked his goose in favour of that little bloke and his mate the schoolboy treasurer but I am not so sure of that myself as one can see here Mr Mundine said Labor had lost the last four elections and that reality had to be faced. "There are reasons for that. There has been a lot of navel gazing and there has been a lot of in-fighting within the party. That is what happens with any opposition," he said. "You only have to look around all the Liberal parties, National parties around Australia that are in opposition. They have a similar problem." Mr Mundine said Labor had to win the next election, scheduled for late 2007, for the Australian people, and to do that the party needed to unify behind Mr Beazley. All well and good but in my opinion it is Beazley who needs to be shafted, lets face it he resigned once to the back benches and did the usual B/S job of denying to make a come back and has; it would be great to see new blood like Mr Mundine in Parliament but he will have to if elected of course make his way up through the ranks like anyone else. It could well be he is Prime Minister material but what ever and I wish him luck in his endeavours get rid of Mr Beazley first.

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