I HAD AN E-MAIL THIS MORNING FROM A FRIEND IN A SMALL COUNTRY TOWN OF NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA, I HAVE BEEN TO THE TOWN BUT AT THE MOMENT IT IS LIKE THE REST OF THE EASTERN AND SOUTHERN STATES AND IN THE GRIP OF AN UNUSUAL HEAT WAVE, WITH THAT IN MIND HERE IS THE LETTER. Hi Mick, Thanks for your mail; I am sending on your little stories from Queensland as nobody sends mail most are away for the month so the cupboard is bare. Poor Ethel (non de plume) must be looking on the net for me something to send, as I am not on the computer only for a short time in the mornings. Haha this morning when I was watering the flowers my close neighbour must have been out for a walk and I told her I thought you was on holiday as your blinds are always down oh she told me I got the blinds down because I am naked in the house all day and night I must have had a funny expression on my face she said well you just do a little bit of work and you all wet and have to change clothes this way you not need to bother all my friends are doing the same. So now I know how they keep cool Be good WELL I SURE GOT A LAUGH OUT OF THAT SO I HOPE ANYONE READING THIS WILL AS WELL.

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