The usual from the youngest son

Yeah a call from my son which I could hardly hear being a little deaf; I managed to discern the words are you ok for tomorrow; wondered what he meant and then recalled I had promised to look after his place and dog for two days.

Then I said phone me on the landline ok as I can’t hear you and I think he said eight PM; I sure hope so as he was supposed to be going to fix up a techie matter on here as I cannot use my e-mail whilst there.

All the same 8 PM is late for him as he is usually in bed at that hour; I hope he reads this I really do lol.

But I want it fixed so I can use my notebook like my own desktop at home as it can be done apparently but you need a static IP address and usually they are dynamic, however it appears I have one.

I just wish he wouldn’t leave all these things to the last minute.

I have a surprise for him if he doesn’t fix it

Golly I am sounding like a real whinger it has to stop.

Anyway here is the so called Techie lol we get on just fine I know youse all thought it was me up the top but it's not I am real sorry about that in more ways than one I assure you; except he is always in a rush . I tried to find a pic of his dog but couldn't. Ok so I may contact folk via gmail again not that that worries me as I like gmail it's my son's attitude that gets under my skin at times so I hope he reads this. Ah yes I am going to make my Blog a non smoking Blog don't you just love that; it is now a $50 fine if you are caught smoking whilst reading lol.

Forget that otherwise I won't get anyone to read it.


  1. I'll make it in AUD$'s then it will be cheaper for you LMAO.
    yeah i'll never collect so I'll just forget it still it looked good lol

  2. Hey good thing I quit just before I met ya! :P

  3. Lol I used to smoke but stopped and started over the years; longest time was 9 years; but this time oh maybe 2 months and boy can I save money.
    yeah just joshing around really hard to know what to write about at times but thanks for looking I appreciate it

  4. Oh I'm sorry I took so long I am just a slow poke is all. :) Always been that way.