This is where to be on the 26th of January Australia of course

Please don't come all at once and if you can't help it well at least leave our grog alone as it is ours by right.


  1. Just thought I should throw in a small correction. Sheep don't do well in the Territory. I don't know of a single property devoted to growing them.

  2. Noted but it is only a joke really if you look further; but thanks for you're comment as all are appreciated.
    But In Alice School of the Air - From the Past
    We have 5000 sheep which are on 8 sheep camps. These are looked after by our ...
    This is partly due to the personal contact made in the trip to stations, ...
    www.assoa.nt.edu.au/from_the_past.html - 32k - 25 Jan 2006 - Cached - Similar pages did see that they are farmed there they just don't do so well is all
    So how is it at the Alice?

  3. I had a look at the School of the Air site. The sheep mentioned were out at Hermannsburg, to the west, in 1956. 1956 was the beginning of a 10 year drought and probably the end of the sheep!! I first came here in early 1968 and have never seen a sheep despite covering a lot of the Territory by land and air. I see the article mentioning the sheep was taken from the 1956 copy of Airdoctor. If you can get hold of the 1983 copy of Airdoctor you'll find a picture of me!!

    By the way I'm interested in the origin of "radio op" - I'm VK8KMD but am very rarely on air these days.

  4. Regarding the RFDS I only got it on the web.
    very interesting to know your call sign yes; my info although I will tell you is on my Blog in a post called an explanation about my Blog.
    I was a Radio operator in The army that's all; not a big deal really
    I am afraid I don't know how to insert it as a link in a comment only on a blog