A female president in the white house?

Laura Bush predicts a female US president soon Saturday Jan 14 09:58 AEDT US First Lady Laura Bush predicted Friday that the United States would soon have a woman running the White House, and wished that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would be that person. "I think it will happen for sure,” Laura Bush told CNN television ahead of her trip to Liberia for the inauguration of that country's first woman president. "I think it will happen probably in the next few terms of the presidency in the United States," she added. Questioned about which female candidate she would like to see replace her husband in the Oval Office, the First Lady replied: "Well, of course, a Republican woman, like maybe Dr. Rice." Of course it will happen in the end just the same as it will in Australia and maybe Canada with a Prime Minister as they already have a woman as a Governor General in Canada; just look at the New Zealand Government led by Helen Clarke;India and Pakistan also spring to mind as they both had female Prime ministers at one time or another. This of course does not mean that Dr Rice will get in. this is only what the first lady wants obviously as she is of the same political persuasion as the Current Administration "I'd love to see her run. She's terrific," she added. Rice has already said that she did not plan to run in the 2008 elections.That statement from a politician could be anyone's guess as most folk know. However, former first lady Hillary Clinton is said to be a possible contender in the next presidential race. Whether Rice or Clinton end up on the ballot is anyone's guess. But if a US television show is any indication, the country may be ready for its first female leader. I don’t like discussing politics at all really least of all one that is nothing to do with me; however it would be something good in my opinion and would maybe drum into people’s minds that we are all equal. One has only to look at the UK and Lady Thatcher when she was Prime minister. I won’t include HM Queen Elizabeth 11, as her’s was and always will be I think one of ascendancy, as a ruling Monarch.


  1. Yah. We had a female prime minister for like two weeks here in Canada… you know I don't differentiate between males and females at that level it's all the same animal.

  2. Something new I learned as I did not Know that thank you for looking and commenting Fawna