Our Eucalyptus Trees more commonly known as Gum trees.

oils Not just Eucalyptus oil either other oils with medicinal properties and yet in all this only twenty have been exploited commercially Medicinal, industrial and perfumery oils make this up. Then of course the leaves are also eaten by some of our native animals including the Koala. And if you are out in the Bush and hear a chainsaw the odds are it�s a Male Koala in the mating season, frightened hell out of me onetime I know that.


  1. I had a Great Aunt in Australia and she once brought my nephew a stuffed (taxedermized) Koala bear with a wind-up music box in it's back. It was horrid.

    She said Australia is the most beautiful place to live on Earth. She also said that koala bears stink to high Hell from all the eucalyptus they eat. I always have some eucalyptus oil around here in case anyone gets the sniffles. I love the way it smells. :)

  2. Your Great Aunt was quite correct they do smell and are not the cleanest of animals but they are not a Bear.
    The reason for the smell etc is that the poor animals are full of S.T. Diseases.
    Yes I too love the smell of Eucalyptus and I quite like the lollies or sweets made from it with honey.
    Thank you for your comments