my usual Sally downtown

Went downtown AGAIN today, I reckon I have been going most days and of course just mainly the one place; yes you got it the Doctor again as per usual.

So I did a little digging in their records and this foot problem first showed on November the fourteenth last year would you believe and is a carry from there thingy; and here�s me thinking it was only ten days or so.

I have seen so many of these Docs now that the various diagnoses are well unreal.

Only one gave a prognosis and a good old Aussie one at that, youse are all dying to hear I can just see it lol.

Ok it was quote� take these new antibiotics they should fix it and walking out the door he said with a grin she�ll be right mate� unquote

Then it was back to Nursie, and dressing it which you don�t want to know about, I mean who wants to know all the gory details. Still I have got a reprieve I miss out on Tuesday and go on Wednesday instead. You know I am sick of feet now, dead set sick of them; What a topic lol. Ho Hum

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