Animal Advocates Pressure Canada to Ban Seal Hunting -- Again

Concerned Groups Pressure Canada to End Seal Hunting The Protect Seals Network, an international coalition of some three-dozen groups including Greenpeace, Canada’s Nova Scotia and Vancouver humane societies and others, is calling for a new boycott of Canadian seafood. As one of its many actions, the group recently placed a full-page ad in the Christian Science Monitor urging readers to join the boycott until Canada’s government ends the seal hunt. Nothing was done of course I wonder if it ever will at times just like the Japs and the poor Whales and don't less us be to uppity I mean we in Australia breed Crocodiles and not just for food either, Ladie's Handbags or purses spring to mind; does the old alligator in the USA suffer this fate I wonder? Whatever this cruelty will I fear continue just so some rich Woman desires A white Fur and there are plenty of men with enough shekels to buy them.

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