The Federal government of Australia

The Federal government dithering as usual So what's new now they won't even speculate mark you on the timing of withdrawing our lads from Iraq; the other day they said they would not consider it but they are and they know an election is in the offing? The Opposition leader who in my book is just about as useless it seems has called on Howard to seriously consider withdrawing them from Iraq but then I reckon the pair of them need to know how to speak the truth; and that treasurer bloke Costello have you seen how he acts in the Parliament; he acts like a petulant child if you observe him; he makes silly faces etc in general he acts like a clown and we voted for this so and so, whatever were we thinking of? We must seriously consider the pair of them when Election Day rolls around in a huge way. What really sticks in my craw about the whole Iraqi episode are the unneeded deaths and the sheer fact that western troops are not really wanted there in my opinion. Lets face it they have a government now let them get on with it call off the military from all countries involved unless assistance is required. Of course this will never happen. Get the U.N in there to do its job let other countries help foot the bill for a change. It is my humble opinion that the USA, the UK, Australia and quite a few other participating nations in the Coalition forces would be relieved of a great burden and one of which is money. So Senator Hill thinks we should also not walk away from the Japanese forces there; so let them go back from whence they came; I know tell them there are no sharks good enough to eat in Iraq lol only in Australian Sovereign Waters Ho Hum

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