Dare I say that this is the oldest art in the world; well I think it is myself but one can make it's own mind up about that I guess.

Our Indigenous folk did not use the written word to record things like we do and it is most commonly referred to as the Dreamtime; a period in which creative acts were performed by the first ancestors of Man. At a rough stab I would say these folk have been around on this Continent for 140.000 years give or take a few. This art is called by them Dreamings; the sacred past is also the sacred present; better known to them as the Eternal Dreamtime. These words by the way are nothing to do with the western concept of sleeping and dreaming at all. To a lot of westerners who are also Australians they seem on the surface a lazy lot but I assure you that they are not lazy at all. Yes ok the ones that live in government housing and inner Sydney slum suburbs may seem to be but we the white race have given them all these lurks; indeed a lot of us partake of these lurks ourselves, including boozing away the fortnightly stipend paid to both sets of Australians. But their art well to me and lots of other folk all over the world is just fabulous as one can see on this site. I had a mouse pad painted by an Aboriginal artist once and I sent it to a friend in Israel, I am now wondering if she uses it or keeps it with her other treasures, I was not game to use it and decided to send it to her oh a long time ago now so I will ask her in my next e-mail if it is under wraps lol. They are grand artists in my opinion and everytime I have gone overseas I have taken a sample as a gift. I have not seen any on the sunshine coast at all but I know there are indigenous folk living further up the coast and of course way past Cairns there are tribal communities and Liquor is banned completely by the elders of the Tribe. not so long ago a Queensland government minister was made a scapegoat for the liquor found on a government aircraft; personally I think we have a reasonable government in Queensland now but there was a time when our native folk went through sheer hell due to a certain political party at the time; thankfully all this is gradually vanishing.

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