UFOs AND THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN Or the great Aussie Barbecue

It is often said that if UFOs are really piloted by extra-terrestrials why one doesn’t just land on the White House lawn and do the usual 'take me to your leader' routine. The thing is why should they? Why pick on the USA at all there are many countries in this world besides the USA Still look at it from the alien's point of view. It would have probably been a long boring trip to get to our solar system in the first place, not much to do, what with the onboard TV being unable to pick up anything except early episodes of 'I love Lucy' and the like; can you just picture this Approaching their landing spot on the lawn things would have hotted up. Secret Service agents on the White House roof aiming Stinger missiles at them, and a very insistent voice on the radio asking them to state their business or be shot down. If they managed to get through that lot and land, they would have been immediately surrounded by agents in gas masks aiming Uzis and spray cans at them. But would they be glad to get on terra firma just to encounter that lot. Well not me that’s for sure. Australia’s is the place as we are soooo lax here so laid back with our couldn’t care less attitude. None of that old black and white TV either well depending on when they came naturally as TV is only around 46 years old here; if they were lucky they would have seen the Cricket, all codes of Footy and Tennis and golf. Now us here seeing naked bald headed whatever’s among us would never make us wonder for one teeny weenie bit who is that? Well maybe for a fleeting moment; who cares what you look like. Why would we; all we are interested in really is the beach, the pub, or the club and a Barbie and as long as you bring you’re own grog, she’s apples mate. It is great to see a beaut chick of course but one is soon swayed by some bloke yelling out to you “another can mate?” Newcomers to our shores are astounded at times I have been told by the way we all cluster around the grog be it a huge Esky or a huge beer cask; but I have to admit it's true it seems rude I know but you soon get used to it; I did lol; and our ladyfolk do the same at the table with their white wine so I guess we are even there.

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