Arab Offer

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has offered to pay to repair India's largest mosque, Delhi's historic Jama Masjid (Grand Mosque).This I believe has made a lot of Indians rather leery about this; I mean here they are arguing with their Neighbour who by the way are Moslem in the main, and they receive this offer from this Abdullah bloke. I have often wondered why he has not helped the USA in their endeavours to find Bin Laden who is a Saudi, still maybe he has for all I know. All the same he must have a valid reason, I mean there are literally thousands of reasons for this behaviour, of course being a Westerner I too am very wary. Yes one wonders in the main but this is only a humble Blog, all the same I am trying to get the message out about this. To be honest I don't trust an Arab at all. The millions of rupees mentioned in my humble opinion would be far better spent on Food, Housing, Education in fact a host of things far too numerous to mention here. Both offers have raised concerns with Indian security agencies who are said to fear that the money could be used to preach radical Islam, I would say that they have a valid point; lets face it the country was split in 1947, West and East Pakistan now called Bangladesh, all this was supposed to happen before WW11 BTW from the then ruling body the British Raj, that it did not happen until 1947 was because of the war ; this did not appease a Pakistani Doctor I had at the time in Sydney, I must confess we argued about it quite a lot; We also argued about cricket so it was a normal thing however I reckon he had a point in many ways, Thinking about all this has set me to thinking That the then British government of the day had a lot to answer for. To think if there had been no World war well these countries that have receieved their independence now, what would have happened? I do think I read somewhere it was discussed at Yalta with the big Three. Still big as well when you consider it. HO HUM

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