An explanation about my Blog

A friend sort of suggested this topic and I thought why not, it’s all to do with the various names I am called on instant messaging, Blogging and e-mail Now my Blog is called Buck’s1936 Place, and on it I am known as Radio op; the Blog URL is http://exrsigs-.blogspot.com/ now this could well give you a clue as I was a Radio operator in the Royal corps of Signals as well as being one attached to the second battalion Royal Australian Regiment; on loan if you like. I do wish I was loaned out more frequently but as I have got longer in the tooth (teeth what teeth? Lol) it never happens sadly. Buck’s 1936 Place is mine by right my youngest son tried to take the name as all the males in my family have been called Buck so I reckon he should be Buck Junior; he doesn’t quite see it that way but who cares lol but it all stems from the Sci Fi TV show Buck Rogers in the twenty first century. Ok on with the next one excoastymick yep I was trying to think of an ID at the time and to get it accepted I had to put ex in front; so ex works for me and I had moved inland some 15 Kilometres from the coast. Gets a tad hairy now as I haven’t a clue why in some e-mails I am called one cool dude just fancied it I guess and I sure wish I was this cool Dude's age again

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