Will there ever be peace on this Earth

An international scientific team which has been drilling beneath the bed of the Arctic Ocean says it enjoyed a sub-tropical climate 55 million years ago. It appears eight nations have been co-operating in this; I do wish many more nations would co-operate in ending war but I fear not, Amazing nations co-operate in science but will still shoot the hell out of each other. It seems to me that the way things are happening here if we don't wise up pretty quick we shall never know the results of this scientific team up in the arctic. yes mark my words if man carries on the way he is doing there will be no world left at all. We have a United nations that dilly dallies in talks and so forth and if and when troops are deployed what happens? Well yes you have it; absolutely nothing; why are they not made to be Enforcers and not keepers, we shall never work that one out in my opinion. INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND SECURITY One of the primary purposes of the United Nations is the maintenance of international peace and security. Since its creation, the United Nations has often been called upon to prevent disputes from escalating into war, to persuade opposing parties to use the conference table rather than force of arms, or to help restore peace when conflict does break out. Over the decades, the United Nations has helped to end numerous conflicts, often through actions of the Security Council; the primary organ for dealing with issues of international peace and security. I have been and browsed on various sites all calling for peace but I fear calls for it will fall on stony ground; will Middle Eastern Nations support peace? I think not; yes many sites seem to purport this but only in the case of Arab versus Jew. I am talking western Nations versus Arab nations; yes I realise some are allies but are they deep down?Only time will tell I guess. I read the rhymed quatrains of Nostradamus once and war was Predicted by him in this century I believe. And after the events from Nine Eleven and Bali surely one should be asking why we committed our military which are really for defence, to a foreign war, and has as I am sure we have all seen; not really wanted especially in Iraq, but I guess it is too late to pull out now being as committed as we are. Some of the locals are overjoyed but it must get to our blokes at times. With Hindsight I think we should have avoided the place; everyone I meet say Aha we went in there for oil; is that right as my price at the pump goes up quite regularly. I did read in the Bulletin that in the case of Australia should the opposition win Victory at our next Federal election it was promised that our Military would be brought home from Iraq, but not from Afghanistan.

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