I have Read many accounts of this as I am a cricket fanatic it is true and the accounts presented here actually did happen. And they did do battle on the sports field against the arch enemy and acquitted themselves well I read and to think that in those days it took a three months sea voyage to reach these places how times have changed. Years later of course Australian cricketers sailed to the UK for matches which became known as test matches a term still in use today and possibly to a lot of folks astonishment to the USA and Canada where games were played; albeit in Canada on coconut matting. Nowadays games have been cut down and are called one day games and coloured uniforms are worn instead of the traditional creams or whites of the five day test games which are still played against the cricketing nations in the world as are these limited over games; also a newcomer on the block is the 20/20 game which a lot prefer. This is the first ever team from these Australian shores to engage in combat against the old enemy; It seems a lot got crook and I don't wonder at it in the British climate. This is An original first eleven bat by the way as well.

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