So what do you the Blog reading Blog Browsing, well Blogger think of my yarns from the Antipodes Lol?

Rest assured mainly fact; although I have to admit upon seeing them up here they do seem a bit tall.

But no they are in the main things what happened in yesteryear in this great sunburned land of ours.

Would an Aussie lie to you? Well it has been known for a few to fib it�s true, Politicians our duly elected representatives now yes bare faced liars in the main, you ever noticed how they evade the truth in a TV interview etc; yeah me too but they get caught out in the end.

Mind you they will wriggle and twist like a worm on a hook, just so they can hang in there.

Money of course that�s what their main concern is not us the bloody mugs who voted them in

Still we get our chance to oust them at the ballot box and trust me we do as we get a very high turnout at the polls here, of course if a joker doesn�t get to that ballot box and get his name off that electoral roll; a fine is levied, now this applies to Federal, State and local government elections, the two main political parties here are not worth a cracker in my opinion; course then we have all kinds of weirdo candidates they go to the bottom on my ballot form as always.

But I digress and I am going to post a small TRUE Aussie yarn ok


He loved his grog that Scotty, He left here one night with four bottles of beer in a sugar sack, and got on the train to go up to his camp at Snowy Creek, drunk as a lord of course and he dozed off.

Next thing he wakes up and looks out and the train is crawling along the side of the Barron Gorge, and he realises that he has missed his stop.

Without giving it a thought he threw out the sugar sack and as it hit the side of the track he heard the sound of broken glass.

This was too much for Scotty! Even though he knew there was a rock face on one side of the train and a three hundred foot drop on the other, and it was as black as the inside of a cow, he shot himself straight out of the train door after the grog.

Lucky for him the train was not going too fast, and somehow or other he missed going over the side of the Gorge.

He picked himself up and staggered back down the track to where he�d heard the smash, and you know there was only one bottle broken! So old Scotty just sat down where he was and drank the rest so as to avoid another accident, and then he walked down the track through all the tunnels back to his camp and put himself to bed.

This yarn was told to a guy I know in 1959 or thereabouts.

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