The Australian War Memorial and Museum Canberra A.C.T

Just to let you know that our War Memorial in the nation's capital Canberra is also a museum dedicated to Australian,British and Canadian Forces who served their country in their hour of need and unlike a lot of latter wars and campaigns was in the very begining for Australia at least composed of volunteers. In the very begining they actually marched from the country town in which they volunteered to places like Melbourne; one heck of a way and we should not forget our neighbours in New Zealand either although it seems the museum has on it's web site unless I read it wrong. The exhibits are actually very good; I realise we had American allies and they are featured in some of the exhibits naturally it's just that they are not members of the commonwealth of nations. Indeed we had American's who volunteered and joined the Royal Air Force some did their training in Canada and when the USA entered the war in 1941 they were given an option of transfering to a USAAF squadron or staying on at lower pay with the R.A.F and one would be surprised just how many did take that option; but I do believe they were allowed to wear some insignia on their uniform's to prove this. Bed is looming goodnight and pleasant reading. From this to the new Memorial in London UK.

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