The usual thing one gets from a government especially in Queensland

The usual thing one should expect from a government.
Bid to stop SMS police trap alerts.
Or simply another way of saying but this is how we get our revenue as per usual the hell with the public.

What a sick joke in the beginning it was made illegal to flash headlights at oncoming traffic as a warning there were the boy’s in blue seated at the roadside and sometimes camouflaged by lurking in the bushes and not just in Queensland either.

The Queensland government is seeking advice on whether it can shut down a text messaging service which warns motorists of random breath test and speed trap sites.
Road Spy was launched yesterday on the Gold Coast by security company director Adam Bush.
Mr.Bush said the SMS alerts, about the locations of RBT, radar and speed camera sites as well as traffic jams, would encourage motorists to slow down and deter then from drink driving.
Well yes this guy has a point ok so it will encourage drivers to listen to his radio, as I guess it is how it started so what; it will make us silly drivers think for a change and at the same time avert a huge fine and loss of licence, lets be honest it must be annoying the hell out of acting premier Anna Bligh.
However, acting premier Anna Bligh today said she would seek police advice on whether the service could be shut down.
Ms Bligh said she would consult Police Minister Judy Spence and Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson about the service which was dangerous because it helped motorists avoid police and undermined road safety initiatives.
Me well for one thing maybe she could kind of explain how it undermines road safety all it is doing is stopping the good old government to fill the coffers that’s all.
Maybe she will come up with no phones in cars as now they have to be hands free but what about cab drivers and the police themselves when using two way radios
"I'll certainly be asking the advice of the Police Minister and the Police Commissioner as soon as I am able today about what, if any, action can be taken," Ms Bligh said.
Mr. Bush told the Courier-Mail the company had more than 300 "spies" on Gold Coast roads providing intelligence on where police were.
Ok if I light up a smoke in my own vehicle Ms Bligh? Or is that the next thing to consider? Never mind I am sure good old Mr. Bush will text me an SMS, this is sounding more and more like Homeland security lol.

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