AWB paid Pakistani middleman for deals

So what’s new and yep you guessed it good old honest John denies it AGAIN. Does he think for one moment we are stark raving mad? Well it seem so judging by his usual remarks as one can see in this report. Twelve million dollars in anyone’s dollars is a lot of cash but look at our medical services, just look at what he and that cheap skate treasurer of ours (the one that acts like a schoolboy in parliament) have just done with public monies why was it not spent on the Australian public instead of going into the greedy hands of a Pakistani agent?. Incredible simply incredible and here is the western world and in particular the USA helping Pakistan with their clean up; I am wondering if this now wealthy man courtesy of the good old Aussie tax payer chipped in at all with his couple of bucks towards this relief fund. Of course he didn’t; I am now wondering if Kim Beazley if he had been at the helm of our ship would have done the same; you know what I reckon he would have. The same thing applies to that monster in Iraq who walked out of court yesterday our wheat board had some deal with him going; denied of course politicians must have red faces surely when they lie through their teeth. When will they realise that the Buck stops with them and in the long term it is our money they are tossing around like ten cent pieces.

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