So you reckon you saw a Pink elephant boy did you have one over the eight last night

It was a transgenic fluorescent green pig bred by the National Taiwan University, that's all you saw no wonder the wife and the few workmates you have left thought you were a raving lunatic lol. Taiwan, home to the world's first transgenic glowing fish, has successfully bred fluorescent green pigs which researchers hope will boost the island's stem cell research, a professor said today. By injecting fluorescent green protein into embryonic pigs, a research team at the island's leading National Taiwan University managed to breed three male transgenic pigs, said professor Wu Shinn-Chih of the university's Institute and Department of Animal Science and Technology. "There are partially fluorescent green pigs elsewhere, but ours are the only ones in the world that are green from inside out. Even their hearts and internal organs are green," Wu said today. The transgenic pigs, commonly used to study human diseases, would help researchers monitor and trace changes of the tissues during the physical development, Wu said. In 2003, a Taiwan company began selling the world's first genetically engineered fish, sparking protests by environmentalists who said the fluorescent green fish posed a threat to the earth's ecosystem. I know my cheese turns green if I leave it for long; with Porkers well I am still learning I guess. As long as these Fluorescent Piggies taste like my usual Pork, as Clark Gable once said "Frankly my dear I don't give a damm"

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