Look up, whale warriors - the air attack is coming

JAPAN will consider scrambling police aircraft to the Antarctic to defend its whaling fleet and may ask Australia to act against Greenpeace, as anti-whaling protests intensify in the Southern Ocean. Well I certainly hope it will be treated with disdain just like the Japanese do to us and other nations. Lets face it Japan does not even recognise our sovereignty in the region Japan has not yet made an official request for the Australian Government to intervene, but it may be difficult for Japan to make a case because it does not recognise Australia's sovereignty over Antarctic waters. We have to make it very difficult for them indeed and if the Howard government yields to this well things will not go well for them. Indeed I think we should send our Naval ships to the region to ensure safety for the Greenpeace mob who I know at times have become a pain but in my opinion a very necessary one. As I recall we stood by and watched while the French conducted nuclear tests in the region and did nothing just observed. So let us hope it remains a consideration and put it on hold Japan ok. You as a nation have caused strife terrible strife what with your wars on the Chinese and indeed the rest of the world; it seems you have now taken up arms against defenceless Animals for so called scientific research. What a sick joke Japan; wake up to yourself.

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